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Food Chain Farm

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Food Chain Farm is a construction game set in space, with a science-based ecosystem simulation.

Help Xlorp, a young alien boy, who has to take care of a real living human being! How do you keep it alive? How do you grow human food in space? And what do I do with all the waste?

Construct a support ecosystem and try to meet your human’s needs. Construct pipes to feed CO₂ and fertilizer to your plants. Bring oxygen and food to your animals. Keep your human happy by baking delicious cakes! Give your human pet everything it needs, until it's finally grown up and ready to leave your care.

Learn to recycle every molecule. Carefully manage flows in your ecosystem. Go on a voyage of learning, and discover how nitrogen and carbon fit in the cycle of life. You can even take a look in the inner workings of the human body in one of the bonus scenarios!

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Other versions and platforms:

OS Version Link
windows 0.7 early access (Apr 2023) Installer for Windows
linux 0.7 early access (Apr 2023) Linux tar archive
windows 0.6 early access (Apr 2023) Windows zip